The story behind shipwreck beach

The timeline of previews owners

1937 – Build in Scotland with the name  “Saint Bedan” from the company Scott & Sons. first owned on the 14th January 1937 from the  J. & A. Gardner & Co. Ltd., in Glasgow Scotland.

1964 – Sold to Greeks M. Gkikilini and D. Kalkasina at Thessaloniki and named “Meropi”.

1966 – Sold to another company in Greece and changed name to “Xaris”.

1975 – Sold again to a company in Greece, Athens named P. Lusikatos and named “Panogiotis”.

1980 – Early October the ship ended at a beach in Zakynthos named Agios Georgios after a few years the beach was now known as Navagio which means shipwreck in Greek.

"Panagiotis"  was believed to be smuggling illegal cigarettes to Italy when the Greek government intervened and sent the navy after it. The specifics are unknown and may never be revealed. On October 5th, 1980, a marine police officer discovered the ship carrying about 2000 packs of cigarettes and 30 million Draxmas.

The ship entered water it could not escape because of the bad weather. The crew dispersed, leaving the ship to drift ashore where she is now. Even without the Panagiotis' shell, Navagio Beach is a stunning sight. The shipwreck just heightens the suspense. The beach is accompanied by a crystal-clear water and huge limestone cliffs, some of which climb 200 meters above the ground. The display is completed by sailing ships moored close to the coast. It's a stunning scene, well worth the minor inconvenience it takes to get there. Since it can only be reached by boat, you'll need to sign up for one of the numerous tours or charter your own vessel if you want to see it.

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