What is the weather in Zakynthos Now?

Springtime on Zante can still be wet and windy, with an average of 59 mm of rainfall and a wind speed of 5.3 mph predicted for March. By late spring, average temperatures will have risen to roughly 24 °C, rainfall will have decreased, and wind speed will have decreased. Early spring visitors to Zante can still expect roughly 6 hours of sunshine each day, rising to 9 hours by the end of May.

Summer visitors to Zante may expect hot, dry, and sunny weather, with temperatures averaging 31 degrees Celsius. Even in the early summer, tourists to Zante can enjoy 10 hours of everyday sunshine, with 11 hours in July and August. Rainfall in Zante during the summer months is unlikely, with only 4 mm forecast on average in June and 7 mm in August.

In the beginning of autumn (early October), the weather in Zante is pleasant, with none of the sweltering heat of the summer months. In September, the average temperature in Zante is 27°C, dropping to 24°C in October, making this a popular tourist season. The predicted rainfall rises as the temperature drops, from 48 mm in September to 165 mm in November. In November, temperatures in Zante will be much milder, with an average of 16 °C and 5 hours of sunshine.

Winters in Zante are mild, with average temperatures rarely dropping as low as 13 °C in January. In the winter, however, the likelihood of rain in Zante is considerable, with an average of 165 mm in November and 147 mm in December. The months of December, January, and February will have the fewest daily hours of sunshine, with as few as 4 hours. With an average wind speed of 5.3 mph, February is one of the windier months.

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