Masks off back to normality

Masks off back to normality

As of today 01/06/2022 until 15/09/2022 face masks are not obligatory!

(at least not everywhere)

It has been almost two and a half years since the first covid-19 restrictions implication here in Greece. It is such a relief for everyone to enjoy some freedom during the summer days, especially with the heatwave that makes wearing a mask unbearable.


However masks are still mandatory in health structures and in public transportation. There is still a gray area of what is going to happen in line ships. In any other form of transportation where the seats are numbered such as airplanes or private buses there it is not obligatory to wear a mask.

The Minister of Health Thanos Pleuris stated that even if the measures are not obligatory everywhere it would be better especially for people that are consider to be vulnerable to covid-19 such as elders or people with a history of health problems to wear masks.



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